Thursday, February 3, 2011




1) root vegetable, kale

     2) white bean, country ham




winter salad

mache, carrot, apple, aged cheddar, pistachio crisp,

noble dairy goat cheese, pecan-caramel vinaigrette, cranberry



green chile mac & cheese

sautéed local spinach, poblano sauce

soup or salad



braised beef & local sausage empanadas

cheddar & beef and local sausage & pepper. curtido, tomatillo sauce



country ham and aged white cheddar grilled cheese

apple butter, aioli, lettuce

soup, salad, or chips



salmon & kale

spicy kale, polenta, fried onion, feta



local burger

local grass fed lamb & beef, feta, kenny's aged cheddar, fried onion,

fig mayo, pickle, caramelized fennel, local lettuce